Our Company

NASIO was established in November 1975 under the name of PT. Nasio Sdn. Electric Co. in the year of 1999, the name was altered to be PT. Nasio Karya Pratama. Since that time, NASIO is developing itself into one of the most reputable national companies. The company is positioning itself as an informatics and telecommunication construction company which deals with the equipment supply and construction for telecommunication. Besides providing equipment supply and construction, NASIO is also providing advisory services for the total solution in informatics and telecommunication business area. By offering the best services and products, the company is conveying an image as the most trustable and reliable partner for clients to achieve successful targets and objectives.

As Nasio’s focus in telecommunication system integration, NASIO is inquired to endow the clients with full commitment to cooperate at best level in identifying needs, formulating solutions, delivering goods and services, and maintaining the quality and performance.

Throughout the years, NASIO hold high its reputation as one of the best telecommunication system integrator in the continent which can be seen from NASIO’s ability to conduct various types of projects. The company’s business with IT and telecommunication operating company throughout Indonesia has reached the premium level as consequences of NASIO capability in providing them the best services in infrastructure development and system integration. Moreover Nasio’s excellent credibility among major telecommunication companies as a respectable partner for delivering total solution in telecommunication infrastructure, voice-data-image communication and broadcasting transmission systems.

Realizing the fact of high level standard for excellence in the telecommunication industry these days, NASIO’s commitment to deliver the best solution for clients is supported by valuable relationship with trustable financial institutions and equipment vendors can be seen as strength in providing total solution for clients at any type and scale of project.


NASIO’s is committed to fulfill client’s needs in order to created added value for shareholders, customers, employees and global community by enhancing services, professionalism and employee’s integrity. NASIO is also gradually expanding its capabilities in technology proficiency and work process as a foundation of best services in infocom and telecommunication infrastructure construction and advisory.